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Service Management platform as a service to streamline service desk. Provides a top notch service to users in an intuitive platform.

Manages the following request types in one platform:

1. Service Requests and Incidents

2. Problem Tickets

3. Change Requests

Provides content management workflows for solutions that can be linked to requests.

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Wouldn’t it be great to have your end users submit requests and problems online?

Nothing is lost; nothing is forgotten at EZPro Service Desk.

No follow up phone calls or emails.

Instead of being a tired voice on the other side of the line, you will become a star. Handling requests will be a showcase.

You don’t have to pay a fortune or spend months on implementation.

It is easy with EZPro Service Desk.


EZPro Service Desk is powered by EZPro BPM, compliant with BPMN 2.0 that is an industry standard for business process modeling. EZPro Service Desk leverages technologies with proven track records such as JBoss JBPM, Apache software suite; follows J2EE patterns by using JBoss AS. Authentication is LDAP based with backends including Active Directory and Apache Directory Server.

Developed by OneTech.

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Google announced the beta release of Bazel
Sep 16, 2015
Google has announced the beta release of Bazel. Bazel is an open source system for developers to manage and test software builds. Available for Linux and OS X...  [more]
*New* look
Jul 16, 2015
We all appreciate the quality and speed when a solution is delivered. However, we don't underestimate the way it is presented to us. Based on your feedback we have redesigned the user interface...  [more]
*New* Ticket Save function
Jul 14, 2015
Sometimes it takes a second, sometimes days to resolve it. We heard your feedback and added the magic save button. Now you can save your updates on the ticket without assigning it to someone or resolving the ticket...  [more]


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Service Requests and Incidents

When a service request or an incident is submitted, it is routed to Help Desk group. Help Desk users can claim it from Group Inbox.




When a problem ticket is submitted, it is routed to Problem Manager group. Problem Managers can assign it to users or groups to resolve it.

Change Requests


Change request routing rules are based on the change type. If the change type is Routine, it is routed to IT Project Team. Otherwise, it will be routed to Change Manager group. Approved changes are routed to IT Project Team.

// Premium Features



Solutions are stored by custom topics and types. They can be searched and linked to requests.


Dashboard provides the snapshot of Service Desk. Top tags, request updates and announcements are available at Dashboard.

User Roles

Users have user groups that define access levels.


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