EZ Service Desk provides an intuitive and modern platform to manage the following processes:
  • Service Request Management
  • Incidents and Issue Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Request Management
Service Requests: Allows organizing, prioritizing and automating service requests in a self-service platform where end users can submit, search, tag, follow and track requests. Provides high level and detail reporting. Offers analytics to oversee service requests.
Incident and Issue Management: Minimizes interruptions of business activities due to incidents and issues. Provides a platform where solutions are delivered, tracked and managed as quickly as possible to the level defined by SLA. Provides analytics and reports in which trends and root cause of issues can be reviewed and long term solutions can be implemented timely.

Embedded approval rules in change requests give control and accuracy of implementation

Change Management: Automates and manages steps for change management requests. Provides a platform where change proposals, evaluations, implementation and post implementation review are tracked. Offers status updates in daily and adhoc reports, notifications and alerts to minimize risks and impact on the operation.
Knowledge base – Solutions and FAQ: Provides a content management platform where solutions are managed by topic, subtopic, status and type with version control, publish and archive functions. Common operations along with linking to requests are available for solutions.
Service Level Agreement: Provides configuration tools where custom contracted delivery time of service is defined. Maintains client satisfaction, and enables request monitoring by key performance attributes

Respond customers fast

Web Form integration: Integrates websites into EZPro. Pops up EZTicket Form from websites and creates an EZPro ticket for every form that is submitted. Provides a widget for EZTicket Form.
Email integration: Integrates support emails into EZPro. Creates a ticket for every email sent to the specified support email address.

Empower users. Improve the quality of service delivered

Self Service Portal: Provides a user friendly platform where end users can submit new requests, and track, browse, search, tag, follow and get updates and notifications on their requests. Provides a communication tool for end users and agents.
Reports: Provides daily and adhoc reports to manage and analyze service requests and issues. Allows monitoring operation by key elements and detecting patterns and root cause of problems
Communication: Provides a platform where end users and agents can communicate and audits messages.
Audit: Provides visibility and track of updates on requests, attachments and comments. Allows reviewing who did what and when anytime, anywhere in the system.
Notifications and Alerts: Provides email notifications on requests upon updates. Enables monitoring issues and operation via email notifications. Provides a system-wide alert system which can be used for organization-wide announcements, alerts and news to centralize communication in one platform in a timely and efficient manner.
Analytics and Dashboard: Provides real time snapshot of business activities. Enables analyzing performance by key elements in graphical forms. Assists visibility, resource management and continuous quality improvement with timely and easy-to analyze reporting.
Security and Monitoring: Utilizes Apache Directory Service to manage user accounts and roles with encrypted passwords. Provides a separate database for each client. Monitors the service real time.

Align Service Desk with Business without breaking the bank

Best Practices:Embeds the best Service Management practices that focus on clients. Targets delivering solutions and services effectively and timely.
Auto Assignment: Routes requests based on rules and procedures to custom defined groups automatically. Allows automate delegation via routing rules.
Custom routing: Routes service requests according to categories and custom rules.
Agent and group routing: Routes requests by default specified groups, provides flexibility to reroute them to groups or agents.

Clean and modern design captures only relevant information.

Tags and advanced search: Provides tagging, searching on tags and attributes of requests. Assists classifying, organizing and quick-retrieving requests. Helps create knowledge base and manage projects.
Links: Enables linking requests to request, solutions to requests and vice versa.
Common operations: Such as comments/journal, attachments, emailing, following, messages, tagging, linking: Give flexibility to capture and link information necessary to complete processes.
Information Management: Provides a content management tool to add documents to requests. Advanced search and tagging allow classifying and retrieving requests along with related documents, historical updates and comments. Supports a request repository that can be utilized to analyze requests and patterns, standardize procedures.

One platform blends best practices with custom configuration. Configuration tools allow defining key attributes.

API: Provides APIs to integrate EZPro with other applications and systems
Custom Processes: Allows building your own processes. Adds custom processes into the views and reports.
Client Configuration: Allows configuring key attributes, users, user groups and security.
Custom fields: Provides a tool to add custom fields and valid values.
Pricing model: Based on number of agents who can work on requests. Unlimited end users are free.