Did you ever spend hours to sort out what really happened through emails for a postmortem report or an issue analysis? I hear you saying ‘yes’. Remember you were frustrated about communication gaps in your analysis?

We built the communication tool into EZPro Service Desk to communicate and report efficiently. 


If you start working on a request and have a question for the submitter, don’t email or call, but send a message from EZPro.

You can add other users to the message. The submitter receives an email about the message, clicks on the link provided in the email and responds to your message.

Besides notification emails, the submitter tracks incoming messages in the Dashboard.

Using EZPro communication saves time as you don’t need to explain what the message is about. The message is linked to the request. The message receiver clicks on the Reply button in EZPro to respond to the message. You have the option to open a new message thread or continue one. EZPro stores not just the date and time but also the context. That gives the true picture of the request status.