EZPro has introduced the two-step ticket entry popups to speed up the ticket submission process. With the new feature only the required fields are displayed on the first popup. After entering the required fields, if you have files to attach, you can add the files and submit the ticket. If you need to enter additional information, you click on the Additional Info button. You can enter optional fields on the second popup and submit the ticket.

Why would you love the new feature?

  1. The ticket entry is easier and simpler.
  2. You can submit a ticket faster.
  3. You don’t need to memorize what fields are required to submit a ticket.
  4. You can attach files before submitting a ticket.
  5. You still have the option to enter additional information on the second step.
  6. You still have the option to perform common functions after submitting the ticket.

After submitting the ticket, you will be directed to the ticket view page where you can perform the common functions such as follow, tagging, emailing, linking, messaging and taking notes.

The two-step ticket entry popups are available for service, support, problem and change requests. If you would like to implement that for your custom processes, please let us know.