In our last two blogs we have discussed the importance of a knowledge base for customers and representatives and listed the benefits of maintaining an efficient one. In this post we will explain what your organization gains by using EZPro knowledge base.

EZPro provides the knowledge base embedded into the Customer Support and Service Management. It is available in all plans for free. You can utilize EZPro knowledge base along with service, change, problem or custom process management. Also, you have the option of using just EZPro knowledge base.

What is EZPro knowledge base?

  • Content management tool where you collect, organize, search and utilize your internal and external documents. FAQs, troubleshooting documents, procedures, customer experience and manuals are potential candidates to maintain in the knowledge base.
  • Delivers its own workflow to manage the basic actions: save as draft, publish, archive and restore. You can follow the life cycle of an article through the article status.
  • Powerful version control system. You compare versions line by line; and restore older versions if needed.
  • Customizable. You can define your own topics, sub topics and types.
  • Provides tools to add attachments and comments.
  • Offers linking articles to tickets from the knowledge base and ticket management screens. This feature provides referencing articles to specific issues, instances or changes.
  • Provides advanced search

What does EZPro knowledge base mean to you?

  • Fewer calls and tickets
  • Fast and standardized response to customer requests and issues
  • Low operation cost
  • Effective organizational learning