We bet that the spring cleaning intentions started to bud in March when the winter gave way to the spring at least on the calendar. Then, the winter stayed with most of us a bit longer and the spring cleaning was postponed.

If you haven’t done any spring cleaning yet, you can start with your computer by wiping the monitor and untangling computer cords and cables. Cleaning the office space will get your workspace back in a tip-top shape. Are you drowning in a sea of paper? You can archive old files and organize current ones. Recycle and throw away items that you don’t need. Sort out your emails and data in your computer.

You can make the spring cleaning a team event and fun. Given the amount of paper to organize, or shred and recycle, a paperless organization might promise a clean workspace all around the year. Think strategically how you can make the office less paper dependent.

Have you done any spring cleaning around the office this year? Please share your thoughts and experience with us.