overwhelmed teacher, paper everywhere

In our last blog we have discussed the spring cleaning in the office and how to eliminate the sea of paper. Going paperless is a great solution for a clean workspace all around the year. However, going online might create data clutter as well. De-clutterring data in your computer, in network drives and email can be part of the spring cleaning. As EZPro is an online application that captures your operation, we would like to share some tips to de-clutter your data in EZPro.

  1. Tag every ticket to organize
  2. Close the pending tickets that are completed periodically
  3. Prefer EZPro storage for documents and attach them to tickets
  4. Maintain ticket categories based on business needs
  5. Review ticket fields periodically
  6. Archive obsolete knowledge base articles
  7. Tag, populate keywords and select the correct category and sub category for knowledge base articles
  8. Maintain knowledge base category and subcategory lists based on business needs