Google announced the beta release of Bazel


Google has announced the beta release of Bazel.

Bazel is an open source system for developers to manage and test software builds. Available for Linux and OS X.

Google says it uses Bazel to build their software.

See details at

Key questions to analyze the customer support data to improve the customer experience?

customer data analysis

With the ease of capturing data during interactions with customers, companies from start-ups to big corporations have valuable raw data to improve their products and services. Customer support data is one of the key data. Each customer support ticket has rich context. Companies that analyze the raw data to improve the customer experience make a big difference.

Here are some key questions to analyze customer support data to improve customer experience:

What is the reason for the customer call?

What is the customer’s experience?

What steps led the customer to call?

Did other customers experience the same problem? How did we solve it?

Did we receive consecutive calls from the same customers?

How could we incorporate the customer’s experience to the product or service to eliminate the problem?

*New* look

We all appreciate the quality and speed when a solution is delivered. However, we don’t underestimate the way it is presented to us. Based on your feedback we have redesigned the user interface. We are glad to introduce the new look for EZPro. With the new dashboard, ticket view, ticket history and updates, EZPro is easier to engage in. Take a look.


*New* Ticket Save function

Sometimes it takes a second, sometimes days to resolve it. We heard your feedback and added the magic save button. Now you can save your updates on the ticket without assigning it to someone or resolving the ticket.

With the new Save function you can save your changes when the ticket is assigned to you. If you click on Work on ticket button your changes will be retrieved. You can resume your work. Once you assign the ticket to someone else or resolve it, your changes will be available for others to view.

Save button also comes with Discard – there is always a second thought.


Spring cleaning for EZPro

overwhelmed teacher, paper everywhere

In our last blog we have discussed the spring cleaning in the office and how to eliminate the sea of paper. Going paperless is a great solution for a clean workspace all around the year. However, going online might create data clutter as well. De-clutterring data in your computer, in network drives and email can be part of the spring cleaning. As EZPro is an online application that captures your operation, we would like to share some tips to de-clutter your data in EZPro.

  1. Tag every ticket to organize
  2. Close the pending tickets that are completed periodically
  3. Prefer EZPro storage for documents and attach them to tickets
  4. Maintain ticket categories based on business needs
  5. Review ticket fields periodically
  6. Archive obsolete knowledge base articles
  7. Tag, populate keywords and select the correct category and sub category for knowledge base articles
  8. Maintain knowledge base category and subcategory lists based on business needs

Spring cleaning in the office


We bet that the spring cleaning intentions started to bud in March when the winter gave way to the spring at least on the calendar. Then, the winter stayed with most of us a bit longer and the spring cleaning was postponed.

If you haven’t done any spring cleaning yet, you can start with your computer by wiping the monitor and untangling computer cords and cables. Cleaning the office space will get your workspace back in a tip-top shape. Are you drowning in a sea of paper? You can archive old files and organize current ones. Recycle and throw away items that you don’t need. Sort out your emails and data in your computer.

You can make the spring cleaning a team event and fun. Given the amount of paper to organize, or shred and recycle, a paperless organization might promise a clean workspace all around the year. Think strategically how you can make the office less paper dependent.

Have you done any spring cleaning around the office this year? Please share your thoughts and experience with us.

What can EZPro knowledge base do for you?


In our last two blogs we have discussed the importance of a knowledge base for customers and representatives and listed the benefits of maintaining an efficient one. In this post we will explain what your organization gains by using EZPro knowledge base.

EZPro provides the knowledge base embedded into the Customer Support and Service Management. It is available in all plans for free. You can utilize EZPro knowledge base along with service, change, problem or custom process management. Also, you have the option of using just EZPro knowledge base.

What is EZPro knowledge base?

  • Content management tool where you collect, organize, search and utilize your internal and external documents. FAQs, troubleshooting documents, procedures, customer experience and manuals are potential candidates to maintain in the knowledge base.
  • Delivers its own workflow to manage the basic actions: save as draft, publish, archive and restore. You can follow the life cycle of an article through the article status.
  • Powerful version control system. You compare versions line by line; and restore older versions if needed.
  • Customizable. You can define your own topics, sub topics and types.
  • Provides tools to add attachments and comments.
  • Offers linking articles to tickets from the knowledge base and ticket management screens. This feature provides referencing articles to specific issues, instances or changes.
  • Provides advanced search

What does EZPro knowledge base mean to you?

  • Fewer calls and tickets
  • Fast and standardized response to customer requests and issues
  • Low operation cost
  • Effective organizational learning

Why is knowledge base important for your representatives?


In our previous post we have discussed the value of a knowledge base for your customers. Knowledge base is required for quick and accurate customer service.

Representatives aka agents need to have access to a central repository of procedures, changes, customer and agent experiences, and internal documents to provide high quality service in a short period of time. Multiple channel customer support and growing business sometimes lead to deviations from standard solutions. A well maintained knowledge base is an answer to that. Clearly categorized articles should be easily searched and solutions should be reached quickly. Solutions should be associated with areas where they can be applied to. There should be a seamless content management process behind publishing articles. Maintaining a knowledge base is an ongoing project and it guarantees delivering quality service at a low cost.

Why is knowledge base important for your customers?


A central and easily accessible knowledge base will add a great value to customer service. You can publish customer experience, troubleshooting documents, frequently asked questions, manuals and procedures for your customers and your users. Your knowledge base will be the extension of your organization.

Clearly categorized articles with efficient key words for quick search will eliminate customer calls, emails and tickets.

You can think of the knowledge base as a never-ending project and improve it constantly to serve your customers without even directly contacting them.

Get on Board


We are pleased to announce that we have introduced EZPro Tutorial. When you log into EZPro for the first time, the guided tour will walk you through the basic actions that you perform in EZPro. It will give you a head start. You can exit and restart the tutorial anytime by using the link on the menu. The tutorial is designed based on your role within EZPro.

You can find details on the support link:

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