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When people started asking questions about who can create EZPro tickets and how, we thought that we should write this blog.

  1. End users: Users who have access to EZPro can create tickets. They can keep track of only their tickets. Users can be your customers (outside of your organization) or internal users (i.e. other departments). Please note that users have limited access to EZPro.
  2. Agents: Agents who ‘actually’ work on tickets can create tickets for other users or themselves. Based on their roles, their access level is defined.
  3. Email: You can set up your EZPro email integration. For every email sent to your support email address, a ticket is created automatically.
  4. Web form: You can integrate EZTicket form into your website. For every form submitted, a ticket is created automatically. You can enable a widget to capture your web visitor’s feedback anywhere in your website.
  5. Integrated applications: You can create an EZPro ticket from any application via EZPro API.