Why EZPro Service Desk?

Productivity was defined as producing more with less. No longer… With the complexity of products and services, and increased customer expectations, creative products and services need to be delivered faster. That requires streamlining business processes.

Service Desk that can be IT Help Desk, client or vendor support/engagement group needs to work efficiently and effectively. Self-service, audited communications, knowledge base, online tracking, analyzing data and responding issues proactively are key elements of success. The story is not about resolving issues or answering questions within SLA, it is about the service life cycle that includes pattern analysis, automating tasks, finding  problems and managing changes.

Experience, idealism and having caught the entrepreneurial bug started up EZPro. We are so happy that we follow not just our dreams but also our brain to design EZPro Service Desk to achieve sustainable efficiency for organizations and uninterrupted satisfaction for users. Enjoy! Free trial is for everyone.

Why EZPro is EZPro?

cropped highway

We sowed the seeds of EZPro en route to NY. Every time when we passed E-Z Pass before Lincoln Tunnel, we paused the discussion for a moment, amazed with the ubiquity of easy tunnel pass. We wanted to build an efficient platform to ease the stress of service for end users and agents. That is how EZPro was conceptualized.

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