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2 ways to add an agent to EZPro


If your organization is using Google Apps Marketplace for EZPro, an agent account will be created automatically when the agent logs into EZPro through Google login.

If your organization is not in Google Apps Marketplace or it is but you prefer the traditional way, Admin should go to User Maintenance screen and add a user. The agent will receive an email about the account activation.

Details are at

EZPro at Google Apps Marketplace


We are at Google Apps Marketplace. What does it mean to you?

- You can start your EZPro from Google Apps account.

- You can install EZPro for users from Google Admin console.

- Single Sign-on will launch EZPro with your Google Apps credentials behind the scene.


- You have access to your Google contacts from EZPro.

- You can email requests/tickets to your Google contacts.

How do you start EZPro at Google Apps Marketplace?

  1. Sign in to the Admin console.
  2. Click Apps then Marketplace apps.
  3. Search for EZPro.
  4. Start your free trial.

Here is more information on how to install an application for your organization at Google Apps Marketplace:



New feature: ticket entry popups


EZPro has introduced the two-step ticket entry popups to speed up the ticket submission process. With the new feature only the required fields are displayed on the first popup. After entering the required fields, if you have files to attach, you can add the files and submit the ticket. If you need to enter additional information, you click on the Additional Info button. You can enter optional fields on the second popup and submit the ticket.

Why would you love the new feature?

  1. The ticket entry is easier and simpler.
  2. You can submit a ticket faster.
  3. You don’t need to memorize what fields are required to submit a ticket.
  4. You can attach files before submitting a ticket.
  5. You still have the option to enter additional information on the second step.
  6. You still have the option to perform common functions after submitting the ticket.

After submitting the ticket, you will be directed to the ticket view page where you can perform the common functions such as follow, tagging, emailing, linking, messaging and taking notes.

The two-step ticket entry popups are available for service, support, problem and change requests. If you would like to implement that for your custom processes, please let us know.

Wishing you joy and prosperity

New Year 2015EZPro has grown into a strong community in 2014. We could not have done it without you. Thank you.
We wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

New feature: Custom Business Processes. All in one platform

Produkt-Icon-DocBridge Mill Plus-300dpi

EZPro has introduced the custom business process feature. We build your unique workflows based on your business rules into EZPro.  We add them to the views and reports.  You can manage your unique business processes along with service, support, problem and change tickets. All in one platform.

Why not automate specific actions or tasks that are related to your business processes?

Why not streamline the cost and time required to coordinate them?

Why not use one platform to coordinate service/support and unique business processes?

Let us discuss how we can define your custom processes in EZPro.



Hey – there is no DELETE button!

red-delete-buttonThat is right. You cannot delete a ticket at EZPro.

You cannot undo what has been done.

There is a DELETE button for user maintenance and knowledge base but it is NOT a real delete functionality.
You can only disable users so you have the option to enable them.
You can only archive articles so you have the option to restore them.
Not DELETE is not a bad thing.

5 ways to create an EZPro ticket

phone contact               Today’s tip

When people started asking questions about who can create EZPro tickets and how, we thought that we should write this blog.

  1. End users: Users who have access to EZPro can create tickets. They can keep track of only their tickets. Users can be your customers (outside of your organization) or internal users (i.e. other departments). Please note that users have limited access to EZPro.
  2. Agents: Agents who ‘actually’ work on tickets can create tickets for other users or themselves. Based on their roles, their access level is defined.
  3. Email: You can set up your EZPro email integration. For every email sent to your support email address, a ticket is created automatically.
  4. Web form: You can integrate EZTicket form into your website. For every form submitted, a ticket is created automatically. You can enable a widget to capture your web visitor’s feedback anywhere in your website.
  5. Integrated applications: You can create an EZPro ticket from any application via EZPro API.

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving-turkey-2-300x300We THANK you for your support and feedback. As a customer, user or follower you have provided us with suggestions and encourage us to build a better platform for better and faster service across business lines.

We hope that you continue to support us, and help us expand our interest groups.

With the best wishes for Thanksgiving,


Customers want to be heard



When your customers visit your website, they want to be heard. They might have questions to be answered quickly or problems to be resolved immediately. With EZTicket Form, you can create a ticket for every form submitted on your website.

EZTicket Form is available in EZPro. It is free of charge.

You can link EZTicket Form to your page link and enable a widget.

You can customize the look and feel of the widget.

You can add custom fields to the form and customize the categories to display.

Every ticket created will be routed to the appropriate user group based on your routing rules.

Please see details in the support documents under Integration:

Submitting a ticket has never been so easy


email integration

EZPro creates tickets from emails that are sent to your support email account. The email integration is free of charge. You can route incoming emails to appropriate groups defined by your routing rules.


First, login to your EZPro account, and then click on Email to Request link. All you need to do is enter, verify and activate your email settings.

Details are in the support site:

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