Click on New Request and select Problem Ticket.


Enter the required fields and add files on the first Problem entry pop up. You can click on the Submit ticket button to submit the problem or enter additional information by navigating to the next popup.


The second Problem entry popup: Additional Info where optional fields are entered and the problem ticket is submitted.


Once you submit the problem ticket, you will be directed to the Problem view where you can proceed with the common functions.



Due Date is calculated based on the Priority. Please see SLA Guide.


When the problem ticket is submitted, two email notifications are sent out:

1. One email notification to the owner who submitted the problem ticket.


2. Another one is to the problem manager group. The problem ticket is automatically assigned to the problem manager group. Users who are linked to Problem Manager group will see the ticket in their group inbox and will be able to route it to themselves. They can route to another user or group if needed. Please see Routing Rules. The notification of the problem manager will be sent out to the group email that is defined in the group page.




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