EZPro has two user types:

1. Agents who work on tickets.

2. End users who submit and track their own tickets.

EZPro plans are based on the number of agents.

To set up a new user you should navigate to Administration >> User Maintenance.


Select Users option from the drop down list.


Click on Add New User icon.



Select the user type. If you select ‘Agent’, you can associate the agent with the user groups before the agent activates the user account.


If you select ‘End user’, you cannot add the end user to any user group.


NOTE FOR GOOGLE INTEGRATION: If your organization uses EZPro – Google integration, you don’t need to add agents from EZPro. When agents launch EZPro from Google Marketplace, they will be added to EZPro automatically. However, you need to add end users from EZPro.


Enter user first name, last name and email address. The email address is the unique identifier for users.

When the new user is added to EZPro, an activation email will be sent to the user. Until the user is activated, the status will be Pending.


The new user can activate the user by clicking on the link in the email or copy & paste the code to the activation page.


The user will enter a password on the activation step.


Once the user is activated, the user status is set to Active. The user can log into EZPro Help from the login page.

Every user has access to Service Requests, Issue and Change Management services. They can submit requests, track them, update their profile and view reports.

User groups are used to enable other functions. Please see User Maintenance Guide.






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