based on ITIL


Change Request: A formal proposal for a change to be made. If it is a routine change, it doesn’t require approval. Otherwise, it needs to be approved by Change Managers before implementation. Implementation is handled by IT Project Team. Pattern of problem tickets may lead to change requests.

Help Desk: Group to manage, coordinate and resolve incidents as quickly as possible; keep track of requests.

Impact: Describes the measure of the business critical level of an incident, service, problem or change.

Incident: Any event which is not part of the standard operation of a service and which causes an interruption or a reduction in the quality of that service.

Priority: Sequence in which a request needs to be resolved based on impact and urgency.

Problem Ticket: A cause of one or more incidents. Problem Managers are assigned to Problem Tickets by default. The cause of the problem is found out and the problem is resolved as part of the process.

Risk: Description of the exposure to which an organization may be subjected.

Service Request: A request from a user for information, or advice, or for a standard change or for access to an IT Service. Service Requests are handled by Help Desk group. For example to reset a password, or to provide access to applications or drives for a user.

SLA: Service Level Agreement. Agreement between a Service Provider and the customer that documents agreed Service Levels for a service.

Security: Measure to ensure services are not vulnerable to known risks and is involved in avoiding unknown risks where possible.

Service Desk: Central point of contact between users and IT service management. Handles incidents, service requests, problems and change orders. Provides an interface for solutions and links to requests.

Solution: Action taken to resolve an incident, service request or problem.

User: A person is defined in EZ Service regardless of user roles.

Work around: Method of addressing incidents or problems by a temporary solution or access to an alternative service.



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