EZ Service provides a content management platform where you can manage your solutions by topic, subtopic, status and type.

Solutions menu is available for all users.

Under Solutions menu, Solutions Dashboard, Advanced Search and Topic are available for all users. The solution admin pages that are Customization and Deleted are available only for users who have Administrator role.


Solutions Dashboard:

You can view all solutions by topic, subtopic, author, status and type.

Each solution has a unique solution #.

To view a solution you need to click on the solution.


Solution title along with the author, topic, subtopic, type, last updated date and time are displayed before the content.

Common Operations:

Each solution has the following features.

Comments: Users can enter comments and notes. Comments are audited.

Version Log: Each version is stored in the system.


You can view the changes by click on the date and time link (version).


You can view the current version or restore the selected version by clicking on the action buttons on the top of the version compare screen.

Attachments: You can add attachments to a solution. You can delete attachments. Each attachment entry is audited.

Request Links: You can link the solution to requests.


You can search requests by Advanced Request search.


You can select the request from the search result and link the selected request to the solution.


The relationship between the solution and request will be displayed in the solution and request screens.

Solution >> Request Links screen:


Request >> Solutions screen:


You can delete the link by clicking on Unlink icon.


On the solution page you can edit the solution by clicking on Edit icon.


You can change the topic, subtopic, enter/delete keywords, title, content and type on the Edit Solution screen. When you are done with changes, you can save it as draft, publish or delete. The action will be reflected on the status, and version log.


Please note that only title and content changes will be tracked on the version log.


Solution Dashboard and Topics screen have Add Solution function.

You can add a solution by clicking on the icon.

Add Solution in Solution Dashboard:


Add Solution in Topics:


When you click on Add Solution icon, you can select the topic and subtopic from the drop down list. You can enter keywords, title and content.


You can save the solution as draft or publish it by clicking on the action buttons. Added solution will be listed upon the selected action.



You can add comments, attach files, update solution, compare the versions and link the solution to requests with the common operation features.



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