Why EZ Service Desk?

Wouldn’t it be great to have your users submit requests, incidents, changes and problems online?

You will monitor, manage and resolve them wherever you are.

You will analyze patterns and root cause of issues;  resolve them proactively before they become a nightmare.

You will automate tasks, customize attributes whenever you need.

Nothing is lost; nothing is forgotten.

No follow up phone calls and emails to answer.

Instead of being a tired voice on the other side of the line, you will become a star. Handling business and IT requests will be a showcase.

It is easy with EZ Service Desk.

You don’t have to pay a fortune or spend months on implementation.

The solution is 30 seconds away. Get an account FREE for 30 days.


Reduce service downtime

Identify proactively and resolve issues

Analyze requests and issues, detect patterns and plan timely changes

Standardize IT help desk procedures

Categorize and prioritize requests

Deliver service and solutions effectively at the level defined by SLA

Oversee operation and manage resources efficiently

Operate in one platform and consolidate a broad range of requests, changes, releases, incidents and issues

Real time monitoring

Assess risk and impact on operation

Effective and timely notifications and alerts

Knowledge base, request and resolution repository

User friendly platform to provide an end-to-end solution across organizations

Cost effective Saas solution

One platform to centralize and coordinate communication

Integration to other systems and platforms

Easy to implement, easy to use

Secure platform to operate in